Bericht über die Kursfahrt des LK E, Führung durch J.C., nach London

Nick als Bobby Last year we drived to London, the main city in England. It was nice.

No, it was not nice. We was leaded by Mr Claus, our English teacher.

He was very angry with us, always when we didn't get up so early or when we didn't do what he said to us. But for luck we were not alone. Because the Bio LK of the same block helped us in the hard time. Thank you, Mr Hoehn, our only spot light in that days.

Herr Claus wanted tell us a lot informations and a lot other things of importance to us. Herr Claus show us one attraction of London after the other.

But the biggest lot of fun had we, when we were in free time.

And all the childs who want to know more from the trip from the course can ask and watch the videofilm who goes around three hour or perhaps a little bit more.

Our English is not enough correctly, so we hear off now.

If you would want more informations for why our English is the baddest from the school, read our text over our course and you will know then.

Good-bye of the English LK course from Herr Claus!

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